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hand tied extensions

haircut / $100

toner + style / $110

toner + haircut / $180

retouch add on w/ blonding / $70

deep conditioning treatment / $40

brazilian blowout / $380 +

haircut always included!

blonding sessions are time based and always include your haircut. my reason behind this structure is simply because each clients time needs differ - hair density, texture, and goals all play a role into how long I will need you in my chair to make your hair dreams a reality!


new clients always start with my signature blonding session. this allows me plenty of time to get to know your hair for your first visit. after that, we may scale back to a maintenance or mini blonding to maintain your color. I take pride in giving you beautiful, seamless grow-out and longevity with your blonding - because of that I see most of my clients about every 12+ weeks for their color with a toner in between around 6 weeks.

mini blonding - $290

mini blonding is for you if you are in need of a simple accent, or have very short / fine hair.

2 hours / haircut included

maintenance blonding - $345

maintenance blonding is for you if you have low - normal density, or are just looking to maintain your current look with minor tweaks.

2.5 hours / haircut included

signature blonding - $390

if you are a new client to me, this is where you will start!

signature blonding is for you if you are a new client, or have very long and/or thick hair.

if you have a goal of going lighter with any previous dark color in your hair, we will start here.

3+ hours / haircut included

mega blonding - CONSULT REQUIRED

mega blonding / transformation blonding

mega blonding is for you if you have a corrective blonding situation taking place, or if you have dense, thick hair that requires much more time and attention. If you are in need of evening out your color palette, or have goals of going lighter, mega blonding is the route to go!

4+ hours / haircut included

if you have any questions regarding which blonding session will best fit you & your hair,

please feel free to contact me!