* prices may vary due to additional product + time needed.
any remixing of bowls beyond the original amount included will be charged accordingly.
color services

color retouch / 90

retouch w/ blonding / 30

all over color / 130

bleach & tone retouch / 120

full bleach & tone / 160

toner refresh & style / 80

color correction / 100 / hour

haircut / 58

haircut + tone refresh / 110

special occasion style / 75

brazilian blowout / 275

B3 treatment / 35

cuts + styling

all blonding sessions include brazilian bond builder in their formulations to maintain the integrity of your hair and always include a haircut!


blonding bessions are based on time needed to make your #hairgoals a reality. I take pride in giving you beautiful, seamless grow-out and longevity with your color. you can go 12 + weeks in between your blonding sessions, with an occasional toning appointment around 5 - 6 weeks. 

once you are an established client with me, you can go 1-4 months in between blonding sessions. You can absolutely go longer than 4 months if you wish to do so, yet know that when rescheduling past 4 months you may need to be scheduled as more than just a maintenance blonding session. this is to ensure the proper amount of time is scheduled to balance out any uneven tones, and to tackle your regrowth. I have structured it this way to ensure that, though I may have been the last stylist to touch your hair, a lot can happen in 4 + months and I want to give your hair the time and attention that a brand new client in my chair would require!

mini blonding / 185

my mini blonding session is for you if you are in need of a simple accent, or have very short hair.

this is a 2 hour session - haircut, bond builder & toner included. 

* 1 bowl of lightener built in

maintenance blonding / 225

my maintenance blonding session is for you if you have low - normal density, or are just looking to maintain your current look with minor tweaks.

this is a 2 and a half hour session - haircut, bond builder & toner included. 

* 1 bowl of lightener built in 

signature blonding / 270

if you are a new client to me, this is where you want to start!

my signature blonding session is for you if you are a new client, or have very long and/or thick hair.

if you have a goal of going lighter with any previous dark color in your hair, you will most likely need to start here. this is a 3 hour session - haircut, bond builder & toner included.

* 2 bowls of lightener built in

mega blonding / 360

mega blonding / corrective blonding

my mega blonding session is for you if you have a corrective blonding situation taking place, or if you have dense, thick hair that requires much more time and attention. If you are in need of evening out your color palette, or have goals of going lighter, mega blonding is for you!

this is a 4 hour session - haircut, bond builder & toner included.

* 3 bowls of lightener included

please note, anything beyond the 4 hour session mark will be considered a color correction.


if you have any questions regarding which blonding session will best fit you & your hair, please feel free to contact me!


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